BEALE 9TH RW Northrop T-38 Talon 270

Print Sizes Available: 

  • Standard: 17 x 13"
  • Small: 11 x 8.5"

Illustrated by: Eric Lian

Customization of this aircraft tail number is available at no additional charge.

Beale AFB 9th Reconnaissance Wing Northrop T-38 Talon is an aviation art print from an original illustration. (This is not a photograph) Meticulously detailed, the T-38 is set against the Air Combat Command insignia , and the description text is bordered by the unit and Air Combat Command insignias.

Perfect for award presentations, the office or home, or as a gift for that aviation fan.
Printed on high quality, heavy weight Luster paper using a 12-color pigmented, archival ink system.


  • Edition Size: Open
  • Paper Type: Heavy Weight Luster
  • Ink Type: Lucia EX Archival Pigment 
  • Illustrated by: Eric Lian
  • Published and printed by: Lian Media

    The description on the print states:

    On 15 October 1964, the Department of Defense announced that Beale would be the home of the new, supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird. With the arrival of the SR-71, the strategic bombardment mission at Beale was phased down, being replaced by the Strategic Reconnaissance mission. The 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing was moved from Mountain Home AFB, Idaho and reassigned to Beale on 25 June 1966. The 9th RW, operating the U-2 and T-38 Talon, has been the host unit at Beale to the current day.

    The Northrop T-38 Talon is a twin-engine, high-altitude, supersonic jet trainer used in a variety of roles because of its design, economy of operations, ease of maintenance, high performance, and exceptional safety record. At Beale, the T-38 is used as a familiarization aircraft when pilots are not flying the U-2 Dragon Lady. The T-38 provides instrument and general flight training to keep U-2 pilots current and proficient. There is a quicker turnaround between flights for the T-38 compared to the U-2 due to the lower maintenance requirements and the larger fleet of them on Beale, thus allowing pilots a chance to fly a greater number of sorties.

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