Ambulance Art Prints

Use this option if you want me to create a custom print of your ambulance or rescue vehicle with background watermark, insignias, logos, country and state flags, title and description. Completion time is around two weeks depending on the number of other aircraft I'm working on.

What you get

  • Includes 2 prints plus free priority shipping in the USA.

This example shows a dedication for a specific person in appreciation for their service.
You also have the option to display the ambulance itself using the same format I use for my aviation art prints.

After ordering

Send me an email at and include the following information:

  • Ambulance call sign.
  • Where the ambulance is based.
  • Recent photographs of the ambulance with nose facing left.
  • The description you would like to appear on the art print - OR - if awarded to a person, their name and title and dates of service - OR - if awarded to an organization, the organization name.
  • The insignias you would like to border the title and description.
  • The background image you would like behind the vehicle.
  • Any additional information you think might be helpful.
When I receive your email, I will contact you with any questions, update you on my progress, and send you drafts to review.
On your approval, I will mail two 17x13" prints to you by USPS Priority Mail. I'll upload the print to this website and you can order additional prints and share the link with others who might be interested in purchasing a print.


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