Custom Aircraft Art Prints - Temporary price reduction

Print Sizes Available: 

  • Large: 17 x 13"

Illustrated by: Eric Lian

$295 per aircraft.
Includes 2 prints plus free shipping in the USA.

  1. Order the Custom Aircraft Art Print if you want me to create a custom print of your aircraft. Completion time is approximately three weeks.
  2. After ordering, send me an email at and include the following information:
  • Aircraft N number.
  • Aircraft call sign.
  • Where the aircraft is based.
  • Recent photographs of the aircraft with nose facing left.
  • Specify if the aircraft should be static or flying?
  • The title and description you would like to appear on the art print.
  • The insignias you would like to border the title and description.
  • The background image you would like behind the aircraft.
  • Any additional information you think might be helpful.
  • If I have any additional questions, I will contact you when I start your aircraft.
  • When I complete the print layout, I will email you a draft for your review and approval.
  • On your approval, I will mail two 17x13" prints to you by USPS Mail.
  • If you need more than 2 art prints, I'll upload the print to this website and you can order additional prints and share the link with others interested in purchasing a print.


  • Edition Size: Open
  • Paper Type: Heavy Weight Luster
  • Ink Type: Lucia EX Archival Pigment 
  • Illustrated by: Eric Lian
  • Published and printed by: Lian Media