CALSTAR Airbus EC135 N832CS

Print Sizes Available: 

  • Large: 17 x 13"
  • Small: 11 x 8.5"

Illustrated by: Eric Lian

CALSTAR 'CALSTAR 7' N832CS is an art print from an original illustration. (This is not a photograph) Meticulously detailed, the helicopter is set against the winged star of life, and the description text is bordered by the CALSTAR patch and the American flag.

The description was customized by the CALSTAR 2 crew, which reads: 

Perfect for award presentations, the office or home, or as a gift for that helicopter fan.
Printed on high quality, heavy weight Luster paper using a 12-color pigmented, archival ink system.

  • Edition Size: Open
  • Paper Type: Heavy Weight Luster
  • Ink Type: Lucia EX Archival Pigment 
  • Illustrated by: Eric Lian
  • Published and printed by: Lian Media

The description on the print states:

N832CS is a Eurocopter EC135 P2+ and one of eight EC135s to join CALSTARs current fleet.

Based at San Maria Airport (KSMX) in Santa Maria, CA, this aircraft carries a Voyager Isolette Litter, single external LOX, medical seating for three and North Flight Data Systems' Light Aircraft Recording System (LARS). The high endurance, extended range and outstanding maneuverability of the EC135 enables it to perform a full range of mission requirements, while carrying more payload over longer distances than any twin-engine aircraft in its class.

CALSTAR’s objective is to provide rapid, onsite emergency care and medical transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crew consists of a pilot and two critical care RNs. Pilots have a minimum of 3,000 hours of pilot-in-command flight time. Flight nurses have a minimum three years of of experience in intensive care, emergency room, and pre-hospital care.

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