Aircraft Paint Schemes


Thank you for contacting Lian Media for your paint scheme design project. 
All design work is charged on a flat fee basis depending on your aircraft type. Each project may include unlimited iterations to the base design.  
The design is considered completed only when I receive your final approval.

Aircraft Type Price
Rotorcraft $1,850
Single engine: piston $1,400
Multi engine: piston $1,650
Single engine: turboprop $1,850
Multi engine: turboprop $2,050
VLAT $3,500


How to start a project

Contact me at and provide your aircraft type and any questions you may have about the process.

How to pay for a project

When you are ready to proceed, I will email you an invoice for 50% of the total payment. The invoice is delivered through PayPal, which allows for several credit card payment types including Visa, Master Card, and American Express. 

I will email you an invoice for the remaining balance on your approval when the project is completed.     

How long does it take to complete a paint scheme?

In my experience, the average single scheme project typically takes 3 weeks from start to final delivery. However, not all projects are the same and timing is largely dependent on your personal needs and how quickly iterations can be reviewed and approved.

Case 1: A New York client contacted me and declared an emergency because the helicopter was in the paint booth and the painter was threatening to paint it all black if they didn't have a design in their hands the following day. The client and I were able to turn around that design in 8 hours including submitting and reviewing multiple changes to the base design in the same day. 

Case 2: The client was not in a big hurry and wanted the design of a Gulfstream G5 reimagined onto a new helicopter the company had just purchased. The client and I completed that project in a week.

Case 3: The client of a Dassault Falcon 7X had several people responsible for design review and input and it sometimes took up to a week for a single iteration to work its way through the corporate approval process. After multiple changes to the colors in the striping and placement of logos and labels, the client approved the final design after six weeks.