Limited Edition Full Color Prints

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 10 Tanker 910 "Southern Belle" N612AX - LIMITED EDITION

Print Sizes Available: 

  •  19" x 11"

Edition size: 150
Illustrated by: Eric Lian

10 TANKER AIR CARRIER 910 “Southern Belle” N612AX is a signed, limited edition art print from an original illustration. (This is not a photograph) 
Meticulously detailed, the aircraft is set against a full color background  The description text is bordered by the 10 Tanker insignia, American flag, NSW Government logo, McDonnell Douglas logo, NSW insignia, and Australian map a quick geographical reference. 

Perfect for award presentations, the office or home, or as a gift for that aviation fan. Printed on high quality, heavy weight Luster paper using a 12-color pigmented, archival ink system.

  • Edition Size: 150
  • Paper Type: Heavy Weight Luster
  • Ink Type: Lucia EX Archival Pigment 
  • Illustrated by: Eric Lian
  • Published and printed by: Lian Media

The print description states:

Tanker 910 is a DC-10-30ER operated by 10 Tanker Air Carrier and based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The aircraft was certified as an air tanker in 2006 and initially flew under contract with the state of California on various large wildfires throughout the state as well as in Washington, Texas, and Arizona. In 2011, the air tanker was employed directly by the United States Forest Service. At the end of the 2015 fire season in the United States, Tanker 910 began a contract with the State Government of New South Wales (NSW) in support of the Australian fire season. The air tanker is crewed by a pilot, co-pilot, and a flight engineer. 12,000 gallons of fire suppression agents (water or retardant) are carried in three center-line belly tanks and can be refilled simultaneously in eighteen minutes. The load, which is computer-controlled by the crew, can be discharged in as little as eight seconds or dispersed in a spread a mile long and 300 feet wide.

Despite its size, field experience has proven the air tanker to be agile and maneuverable in challenging terrain and atmospheric conditions. Because the aircraft does not have to make allowances for passengers, luggage, and a full fuel load, it arrives at the Fire Traffic Area (FTA) 40% lighter than its certified Maximum Gross Take Off Weight (MGTOW). Even with a full load of retardant, the reduction in weight significantly improves the air tanker’s thrust to weight ration, allows turning within the radii of much smaller aircraft, and affords a wider stall margin at typical drop speeds and weights.

Nicknamed “Southern Belle” when under contract with the NSW government, and assigned the callsign “Bomber 910” in the FTA, Tanker 910 has greatly contributed to Australia’s firefighting efforts. With a cruise speed of 530 knots (610 mph), the air tanker can reach any location in NSW within an hour. (Illustration by Eric Lian)


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